Nerd Boyfriend

March 18, 2009

Dressing like your favorite nerd…



The emerging photographers on our list this year are not cockeyed optimists; they know and have experienced the challenges, and yet they’re eager to commit their lives to photography anyway.


Russian Group Jumping

March 18, 2009

It’s new fun in some Russian cities, to jump from the bridge with the rope in a big group, when there is no water under the bridge but raw firm ice, also they use to jump at that same moment when the train is going thru the bridge – just imagine what the machinist could think when he sees a bunch of people standing on the rails just before the moving train, so he probably starts slowing down and then all those people jump out of the bridge…


The presidency of Madagascar was handed over to former Antananarivo mayor Andry Rajoelina after the ousting of Marc Ravalomanana in a bloodless coup.  The military, assuming power after two weeks of street protests, handed the position to Rajoelina, who today received the official backing of Madagascar’s supreme court.  Despite the show of support from the military and judicial branches, Madagascar faces suspension from the African Union for the illigetimacy of Rajoelina’s assumption of power.  According to the African Union charter, coups or unconstitutional changes in government are grounds for suspension, which the AU Commission Chairman, Jean Ping, warned the military of prior to its actions.  Ravalomanana, charged with the misuse of government funds, has stepped down from his position and seems to be in hiding.

Timeline of events.

Leila’s First Day

February 16, 2009


I’m Leila. I like to learn.

This is my way of tracking all the things I learn.

Maybe our interests are similar,

or maybe I can show you something new.

Stick around and learn with me.

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